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I was given this book as a Mother's Day present and blazed right through it all in one day. It is a very original investigation of home cooking, the cross-cultural experience, story telling, different ethnic cuisines, and family life. As a first generation American myself with immigrant parents, I found many interesting commonalities with the book's subjects. It could as easily belong on the syllabus of a college course in cultural anthropology as on a shelf in the kitchen for favorite cookbooks. Not many reads transcend so many genres of writing as this book. It inspired me to cook more with my kids, father, and husband and to simply value what I have to pass on about the taste of the old country. This would also be a great and original choice for any Book Club!

“Appreciative Reader”

I bought a copy of this book for myself, and by the end of the week also bought a copy for my mother for her birthday. I know she'll love it for the same reasons I do: Lovely writing, fascinating oral histories of immigrants to America who carry their home traditions to the US through cooking and sharing family meals, and really wonderful recipes. I know this won't be the only time I give this book as a gift!

I love the writing of MFK Fisher, and Lynne Anderson brings that same sensibility to this book; a great understanding of how food and cooking can bring both solace and celebration to our lives, and a wonderful eye for the details of creating a meal. I've also made one of the recipes in this book--ok, it was for the easiest recipe, for hummous. But I've made it 2x in the last week, and it's broken me of my habit of buying Sabra hummous in the (overpriced NYC) grocery stores! It's so inexpensive and easy to make--plus it's just fantastic! I want to make some of the other recipes, like the stuffed grape leaves. And the Irish recipe--and maybe some of the African ones, once I feel a little more ambitious!

Connie Barry

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